Community Share Offer - Now Closed!

Community Share Offer

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Be a part of this exciting opportunity to relaunch The Old Forge as an amazing pub owned and run by the community for the benefit of all who live on and visit Knoydart.

"The community knows what the community needs." This simple fact makes us best placed to manage such a vital community asset and provide much needed services to our residents and visitors. 

Community ownership will enable us to instil core community values and goals within the business model eg. collaborate with local businesses, provide opportunities, be environmentally conscious... and above all - offer a welcoming space for everyone, where there is always a smiling face behind the bar. 

On Friday 10th September 2021 we launched a community share offer - our first big fundraising drive to secure the vital funds needed to purchase The Old Forge.

We are delighted (and a little amazed) that we have managed to raise a total of £256,035 through this share offer!

Not only have we managed to secure vital capital for this community-ownership bid, we appear to have done so in record time. There is talk that this could be the fastest share offer ever to reach the minimum target... to be confirmed! It really is a sign of the support behind this project and, on behalf of the committee, we are extremely grateful and it gives us a real boost to keep pushing forward.

Please note the share offer is now closed!

Total Raised:
Thank you!!



We plan to launch an almighty crowdfund campaign once the share offer has concluded - this was delayed from earlier in the year due to a number of factors - but not least due to delays in being able to set up a bank account for the Society. 

We know how many folk there are from out with Knoydart that hold the Forge in high regard and want to help us achieve our dream of community ownership, so through crowdfunding we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of this exciting venture.

For those not familiar with crowdfunding, it's quite simple - in return for a financial pledge we offer a range of rewards. The theme of our campaign will be 'community' - we want everyone who has a tie to Knoydart and the Forge to be a part of this buyout regardless of where you live. There will be lots of amazing rewards which will will tie in the values we have set out for the pub's future, and they will let you put your own lasting mark on the pub...keep tuned to find out more!

No-strings-attached donation

Our crowdfund campaign will also provide the ability to make a no-strings-attached donation for any amount you wish to invest. Once live, we will post the link on our website and social media pages so please check it out and make a donation if you wish.

If you have any questions about how to support our fundraising efforts community bid for The Old Forge, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing