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Community Share Offer Update

Good afternoon all!

A wee update on the Community Share Offer

Our community share offer prospectus is now in its final draft and has been sent off to be assessed for Community Shares Standard Mark Certification. This was a mammoth piece of work that we are very proud of, and couldn't have done it without the help of Toby from Community Shares Scotland, and Dave from Cooperative & Mutual Solutions - so a huge thank you to them. All going well the share offer will launch in a couple of weeks time.

Our Society rules state that 75% of the shareholder membership must come from those who reside on Knoydart - given our small population this will limit the number of members we can have quite a lot. Due to this, it's really important that we have as many resident members as possible to get the numbers as high as we can. The non-resident members share offer will have a much higher minimum investment amount to enable us to maximise our fundraising efforts from this platform.

We know there are so many of you who want to be involved, so that is why after the share offer has closed we still plan to do a Crowdfunder - we will have a range of pledges from low to higher amounts on offer with great prizes in return, and we hope that lots of you who have stuck with us all this time will want to get involved and put your stamp on the future of the Forge.

Lots to come over the next few weeks so keep tuned. Cheers!

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