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Refurb Update

Spring is officially here, the sun is shining and the refurb is well underway.

Here's a wee update on how things have been going...

As you can see, quite a lot has happened!

When we closed in January the first thing we had to do was empty the pub, and then work started on knocking some things down including the old bar. Wall coverings were removed to unveil old window recesses and the stone walls from the original cottage building. We could even see where the roof had been raised, and where bits had been added to over time.

We also found a lot of problems.

Structurally, a few areas needed immediate reinforcement, and when it came to the extensions it quickly became clear that the safest and most sensible way to deal with all the issues was to get rid of most of it and start almost from scratch.

Unfortunately, that means more work and more time, which has delayed our reopening plans by a few weeks.

Reopening date

Due to all the unforeseen works required, our reopening date has been pushed back to May. We're obviously disappointed about this delay, but these things happen. We felt it was best to do the job properly from the outset and ensure that the pub will be standing tall, warm and comfy for many moons to come.

The good news

Despite the setbacks we've made good progress in many areas:

  • Spray insulation has been applied throughout the old building

  • The extension for the toilets has been built and spray insulated

  • The kitchen extension is in progress

  • Glazing for the old building is on site and awaiting installation

  • The new bar-tops are on site ready for installation

We'll be posting regular updates on our social media pages from now on, so check in to our Facebook or Instagram for progress pics. Finally, a huge thanks to the local community, shareholders, friends and patrons for your patience and support - we can't wait to share a pint with you in the pub soon!


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